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We're not a drop shipper, we are the Largest Zamp dealer in the country, have the product in stock and the knowledge to assist you in all your solar, battery and inverter needs. We specialize in Zamp solar products as well as many others, so if your new RV came "Solar Ready" or SRRV, then you came to the right place. We are available 7 days a week if you have any questions, or need help designing your solar system.

Zamp solar manufactures their own USA made panels,  made in Bend,  like the ZS-US-160-30A-DX (160 watt deluxe solar kit), up to the 480 watt kit.  Zamp has changed the part numbers and no longer uses ZS-320-30A-DX, instead they use the 160 watt US deluxe kit plus an expansion panel kit like ZS-US-EX-160-DX to complete the 320 watt kit, up to their 480 watt kit.

We do have a mix of the portable solar kits listed separate from the ZS-US-40S-P, ZS-US-80-P, ZS-US-120-P, Z-US-160-P and the ZS-US-200-P. We also have some of the previous generation models available in the ZS-160-P, and the ZS-200-P. The ZS-40-P is no longer available, and has been replaced with a single panel 40 watt ZS-US-40S-P. All generations have the latest upgrades, including the new stronger legs, and a handle back on the frame itself.